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February 20-25, 2022

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November 14-16, 2021


August 17-November 11, 2021

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July 7 -12, 2021


February 21-24, 2021

Hybrid Winter Institute 2021

September 14 - 17, 2020

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For 35 years, the Education Research & Development Institute (ERDI) has proudly convened top thought leaders from across the United States to inform and influence the products and services that support PK-12 education. Institutes are framed around top problems of practice and three primary design anchors: meaningful engagement; rich professional learning; and a strong community that supports and celebrates those committed to improving the lives of children through public education. We continue to ask the following essential questions:

  • How do we champion the formation of a strong, positive public education identity?
  • How do we comprehensively develop and equip students to capably lead our country for future generations?
  • How do we ensure equity and access to high quality learning environments for all students?

ERDI institutes provide a unique forum for those invested in education to learn from one another and to discuss and tackle the issues facing districts across the country. As thought and practice leaders representing diverse facets of the education sector, we have a collective duty to advocate for and champion the best interests of students, educators, parents, and communities.


Summer 2021

Learning & Instruction
Social Emotional Learning 79%
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 65%
Broadening the Definition of Student Success 54%
Effective Instruction 54%
Student Engagement 49%
College & Career Readiness 44%
Trauma-informed practices 35%
Elevating Student Voice 33%
Distance/Remote Learning 30%
MTSS/RtI & Intervention 30%
Cultural/Linguistic Responsiveness 28%
Profile of a Graduate 28%
Accountability & Efficacy 26%
Assessment Literacy 26%
High Expectations & Access to Grade Level Standards 26%
Depth of Knowledge (Rigor) 23%
Instructional Coaching & Mentoring 23%


People, Planning and Development
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 65%
Culture & Climate 63%
Leadership Development & Capacity Building 58%
Strategic Planning 44%
Parent/Community Engagement 42%
Restorative Practices 40%
Change Management 35%
Effective Communication 35%
Professional Development 33%
Teacher Retention 33%
Teacher Recruitment 30%
Board Development 26%
Health & Wellness 23%
Identity & Branding (School & District) 23%


Technology, Infrastructure and Operations
Organizational Effectiveness & Efficiency 47%
Return on Investments 37%
Classroom & Learning Space Design 30%
Data Literacy & Management 30%
Maximizing & Extending Budgets 30%
Data Privacy & Security 28%
Technology Infrastructure & Systems 28%
1:1 Technology Access 26%
Community & Corporate Partnerships (Funding) 23%
Digital Literacy (Staff) 21%
Digital Literacy (Student) 21%


*Calculations were based on the number of Education Leaders who identified the listed topics as their primary problem(s) of practice in their districts (n=73 5/19/21)

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